Sep 4, 2016

Healthy Blueberry Muffin Recipes

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You want to eat something new, then must follow my special recipes. Today, I want to give you best healthy blueberry muffin recipes. I give you the different recipe but according to delicious taste and happiness. I never use any bad ingredients like alcohol etc. if you are Muslim then never think about anything because my all recipes are totally halal recipes. You can make at your home and eat with delicious taste. I give you better taste and quick tips that you will apply when you are cooking and see your recipe will ready in just a few minutes with healthy taste.

My goal is that to provide best healthy recipe because I observe that healthy recipe are not available on any site but bad and non-healthy recipe are available on every site but on my site, you can find out only healthy and delicious recipe. You know health is very important if you want to see your future bright and long life. You need to read me all recipes and then select according to your mood. Basically, recipes depend on the environment and your mood.

You can see that when rain is started your environment will be cool and happy then your mood will change to eat delicious and spicy food but in summer when sun is in his full performance and providing full heat then you mood is change into eat sweet and cool food like ice cream etc. basic thing is that your food depends on your mood and environment. You can also see that when season change then your food recipe will also change. Food ingredients will not change but the recipe will change. Healthy blueberry muffin recipes are my best ever recipe because I make this recipe every time when I feel happy.

You know when I make this recipe at my home my family automatically knows that today is the very happiest day. Healthy blueberry muffin recipes are restaurants recipe and you will eat this recipe only in the restaurant but now I find out the complete recipe and you can make this delicious recipe at our home. Basically, Healthy blueberry muffin recipes are winter season recipe because people like to eat this recipe in winter season but it does not rule if you want to eat this reason any time then you can make anytime. I show you best blueberry muffins recipes below.

Healthy Blueberry Muffin Recipes

Best 100 Calorie Blueberry Muffin Recipes

These recipes are very delicious muffin recipe and also have 100 calories. You can make this recipe in your kitchen in only 20 minutes. 100 calorie is enough for your body to left out 100 kg. Yes, 100 calories will give full too much power to do hard work easily.


  1. Cooking spray
  2. Applesauce
  3. Skim milk
  4. Egg
  5. Vanilla extract
  6. White sugar
  7. Flour
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Fresh blueberries

After collecting these healthy ingredients you need to follow my steps as I mention.

Step one

Take 15 muffin cups and add cooking spray on it.

Step 2

Now take a big pot and add sugar, applesauce, milk, egg, and flour in the pot.

Step 3

Mix all ingredients with a spoon and wait until all complete mix.

Step 4

Bake your muffins for 15 minutes.

Blueberry coconut delicious muffins

Blueberry coconut delicious muffins

Coconut is best to make delicious taste. If you use coconut in your muffins recipe then see your muffins recipe will be more delicious and best. I like to eat this recipe with my friends and I hope you will also like this recipe.


  1. 1 coconut
  2. Flour
  3. Sugar
  4. Nuts
  5. Canola oil
  6. Whole wheat flour
  7. Baking powder
  8. Salt
  9. Eggs

You can see my ingredients are very good and healthy. You need to collect only fresh ingredients never want to use old ingredients in this recipe because this recipe totally depends on healthy and fresh ingredients.


Step one

Take 12 muffins cup and put in cooking spray.

Step 2

Now add flour and sugar in it and mix.

Step 3

Now take a bowl and put all another ingredient in it and mix completely.

Step 4

After you see all ingredients mix then put in the muffins cup using a spoon.

Step 5

Now bake for 10 minutes in the oven.

Your delicious muffins recipes are ready to eat.

My recipes are new and different. You never see these recipes before because I make these recipes but my cooking skills and trust me these are very delicious. Once you eat these recipes you never forget the taste of these recipes because I add unique healthy ingredients that will create the best taste and look. You eat these recipes with your friends and enjoy. My main focus in is health and I want to see my beautiful and lovely people healthy and disease free. You know that if you eat a bite of healthy food then it is better than 100 bites of non-health but tasty food.

You know what is mean. I mean to say that fast food is not good for health and the even fast food is very bad for health. It will generate a lot of disease in your body and you will never live a long life. I never suggest eating only natural food I suggest that you will eat healthy food more than fast food. When you eat too much healthy food and also eat some fast food then never need to worry because you healthy food will give too much power to your body to protect yourself from disease but it is very bad f or your health to eat too much fast food and a little bit healthy food.

My Healthy blueberry muffin recipes are also one of the best healthy food recipes. Now I give you some tips related to my Healthy blueberry muffin recipes. You should need to use these tips in your recipe and see your every recipe will become best.


  • You carefully collect only healthy and recommended ingredients.
  • Protect yourself from hot oil because it is very dangerous.
  • Never cook with too much heat.
  • Try to eat with a partner because they will help you to cook easily.
  • Use the filter and fresh water.
  • Cook in the clean and fresh environment.

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