You Are Beautiful Quotes And Sayings

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If you are in a misunderstanding that you aren’t beautiful than throw away this thought and open the doors of new ways because you are beautiful and to unlock ya agitation we have some incredible you are beautiful quotes. you have to be confident that you are beautiful as beauty lies in side the heart not on faces and in eyes because when you see with beauty then you can feel the beauty. try to seek beauty inside your self because when you know beauty inside you then you will see you are beautiful.

You are beautiful and you have to accept it because until you won’t accept it you can’t compete with others so yo realize you we have some intense you are beautiful quotes.

As we talked above beauty is in heart so no one should judge peoples with beautiful eyes or nose etc but by that how beautiful they are from inside as people who are soft hearted and have beautiful hearts they will always like blooming flower in a grove and have sight to seek beauty even in meaningless and ugly things. to fill your heart with beauty we have some abysmal you are beautiful quotes.

Some peoples think that if there is beauty in person’s face than it is important but they forget that being beautiful is not important being important is beautiful.

You Are Beautiful Quotes

You Are Beautiful Quotes

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“When you are intelligent and beautiful you face a lot of problems. If you are beautiful and stupid then it’s easy.” – Nawal El Saadawi

“You are beautiful, you made me believe that this world is worth living in.” – Anonymous

“Love yourself and everything will fall into place and you will realize you are beautiful.”– Anonymous

“Do you know which thing I like the most about you? That you are beautiful inside and out.”– Anonymous

“Just because you’re not thin does not mean you’re ugly. You are beautiful because of the light you carry inside you. You are beautiful because you say you are, and you hold yourself that way.” – Mary Lambert

“Even if you do not believe that you are beautiful, look into my eyes and you’ll be surprised by your pretty reflection.”– Anonymous

“Once you know how much you are worth, it is easier to tell yourself that you are beautiful.”– Anonymous

“Even when you are sad, remember that you are beautiful and the whole world is yours.”– Anonymous

“People say that beauty is in the eyes of the person looking, well, you look beautiful to me.”– Anonymous

“You are beautiful, for me, you are the best woman in the world.”– Anonymous

“When you are happy and in love and when you have children, then maybe you are beautiful.” – Emmanuelle Beart

“believe me, you are beautiful.”– Anonymous

“When you believe that you are beautiful, other people are bound to think the same.”– Anonymous

“In case no one told you today: You’re beautiful. You’re loved. You’re needed. You’re alive for a reason. You’re stronger than you think. You’re going to get through this. I’m glad you’re alive.”– Anonymous

“You are beautiful no matter what other people might tell you, no matter what they say.”– Anonymous

“Beauty is not something you can count on. Usually, when people say you are beautiful, it is when there is a harmony between the inside and the outside.” – Emmanuelle Beart

“You are beautiful and nobody has the right to make you feel like you’re not.”– Anonymous

“So be proud of who you are and what you look like because you are beautiful no matter what.”– Anonymous

“Remember, you are beautiful. But keep in mind that no everyone’s gonna be able to see that.”– Anonymous

“Someday you will be able to look in someone’s eyes and tell them you are beautiful.”– Anonymous

“If you think you are beautiful in a scene, you will come across as beautiful. I don’t think looks are important; I think what’s important is if someone is sexy.” – Helen McCrory

“You are beautiful because you are human, your flaws are the things that makes you beautiful.”– Anonymous

“I hope the time comes that you will feel beautiful and comfortable with your body because you are beautiful.”– Anonymous

“The world is full of beautiful things just like you.”– Anonymous

“You are beautiful as long as you can see in the mirror that you are beautiful.”– Anonymous

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