47 Greatest Atmosphere Quotes And Sayings

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Atmosphere Quotes And Sayings

“It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.” – Rembrandt

“There are certain romances that belong in certain cities, in a certain atmosphere, in a certain time.” – Sammy Davis, Jr.

“Everyone carries an atmosphere about him. It may be healthful and invigorating, or it may be unwholesome and depressing. It may make a little spot of the world a sweeter, better, safer place to live in; or it may make it harder for those to live worthily and beautifully who dwell within its circle.” – J.R. Miller

“A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live.” – Bertrand Russell

“States of the atmosphere pass into us as water through the meshes of a sieve, and storms occur in us before they break upon the world without, creating restless sensations. (“Absolute Evil”)” – Julian Hawthorne

“The biggest sacrifice to me is to not be in an atmosphere where I can keep writing and moving forward.” – Trey Anastasio

“If we assume that the last breath of, say, Julius Caesar has by now become thoroughly scattered through the atmosphere, then the chances are that each of us inhales one molecule of it with every breath we take.” – James Hopwood Jeans

“Love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise.” – Victor Hugo

“A restaurant on the moon could not have had less atmosphere.” – Geoff Dyer

“If you were born in Britain after World War II, you see a continuous atmosphere of decline, moral and economic and political.” – Stephen Bayley

“The atmosphere beneath is languorous, and is so tinged with azure that what artists call the middle distance partakes also of that hue, while the horizon beyond is of the deepest ultramarine.” – Thomas Hardy

“Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity.” – Billie Jean King

“Life can be spent in an atmosphere of continuous encouragement, you will ignore the complex and it will disappear” – Sunday Adelaja

“Bringing out service staff on to the dining floor does change the atmosphere.” – Steve Easterbrook

“Put a man in the wrong atmosphere and nothing will function as it should. He will seem unhealthy in every part. Put him back into his proper element and everything will blossom and look healthy. But if he is not in his right element, what then? Well, then he just has to make the best of appearing before the world as a cripple.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

“Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.” – Edwin Louis Cole

“An atmosphere of sympathetic influence encircles every human being; and the man or woman who feels strongly, healthily and justly, on the great interests of humanity, is a constant benefactor to the human race.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

“I think the atmosphere on set really comes from the material, but also the director.” – Cate Blanchett

“Still lay the Island-World beneath the whisper of a Dragon’s wings.” – Marc Secchia

“College was especially sweet because of the positive, hopeful atmosphere of a college campus.” – Jerry Kramer

“I can’t be expected to produce deathless prose in an atmosphere of gloom and eucalyptus.” – Gerald Durrell

“I believe your atmosphere and your surroundings create a mind state for you.” – Theophilus London

“If the atmosphere is to be foreboding, you must forebode on every page. If it is to be cold, you must chill, not once or twice, but until your readers are shivering.” – Jerome Stern

“I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.” – Bobby Flay

“The place was silent and aware.” – P.C. Wren

“My comfort zone has always been in an ensemble-type atmosphere.” – Jimmy Smits

“There are no walls in the atmosphere.” – Kim Prather

“I love the DJ scene out in the clubs. It is a great way to party and make people happy, the atmosphere is one that I use as an escape from reality.” – Danny Masterson

“Those who are finer and nobler are always alone and necessarily so and that because of this they can enjoy the purity of their own atmosphere.” – Albert Einstein

“I always go into a fight thinking the decision is going to be fair, and I relish these fights where the atmosphere is so fantastic.” – Katie Taylor

“Rain hangs about the place, like a friendly ghost. if it’s not coming down in delicate droplets, then it’s in buckets; and if neither, it tends to lurk suspiciously in the atmosphere.” – Barbara Acton-Bond

“Neither comprehension nor learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety.” – Rose Kennedy

“The atmosphere defines the environment of sound.” – Bill Laswell

“If you work hard and there’s not a good atmosphere, the work doesn’t mean a thing.” – Diego Costa

“Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive.” – Jean Paul Richter

“I think it is important that we rebuild an atmosphere of forgiveness and civility in every aspect of our lives.” – T. D. Jakes

“Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection.” – John Powell

“I feel that my job is to create an atmosphere where creative people can do their best work.” – John Frankenheimer

“The life of our city is rich in poetic and marvelous subjects. We are enveloped and steeped as though in an atmosphere of the marvelous; but we do not notice it.” – Charles Baudelaire

“It’s just that fun atmosphere, working on the car, being with the guys. This is exactly what I needed.” – Kurt Busch

“I grew up in an atmosphere where words were an integral part of culture.” – Wole Soyinka

“If I went into politics, it’s because I grew up in a political atmosphere.” – Marion Marechal-Le Pen

“I remember the great atmosphere and the great stadium.” – Carl Zeiss

“I love the homely atmosphere of Indore and Bhopal. People here are very warm and affectionate.” – Malaika Arora Khan

“I am not a people person. It’s not that I am shy, but I am more comfortable in an atmosphere of one-on-one. I hate crowds and parties.” – Bethany Joy Lenz

“I think children learn from example. I don’t believe in raising them in an authoritative atmosphere.” – Kent McCord

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