25 The Best Acceptance Quotes

Acceptance, and quotes about acceptance. You want to hear some thing like this or just wanted to read the basic and no more fancy type of quotes? really you are? or this is just a little crazy thought of my mind? It think this is me who is making your bored with this paragraph no? So whatever your answer is I don’t mind cause I have to show you your searched thing and that is what I am good at. So the very first thing which you want to read now is acceptance quotes and I know that you wanna read some acceptance quotes just because you have to accept someone or you are thinking about why someone is not accepting you or maybe you are in any other case, but as far as I can think these are the main two reasons on why people search about acceptance quotes in Google and other search engines even on the social media networks. So what so? I think I was using that “so” word so many times in my typing no? Whatever again you have to read my bullshits here and I will don’t stop till you really get bored of me! No? I know that you don’t get bored of me and you love to read what I type.

Then what are you waiting for? are you serious that you want to read some effective and most inspirational acceptance quotes for a reason you don’t want to tell me or describe here using the commenting form freely. If yes or even not you can read acceptance quotes now by scrolling it a little bit down.

Acceptance Quotes

Acceptance Quotes

“Bad humor is an evasion of reality; good humor is an acceptance of it.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” – Alice Walker

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” – Brian Tracy

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” – J.K. Rowling

“The antiquity and general acceptance of an opinion is not assurance of its truth.” – Pierre Bayle

“The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” – Stephanie Perkins

“Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons.” – Jessica Lange

“I have never found anybody who could stand to accept the daily demonstrative love I feel in me, and give back as good as I give.” – Sylvia Plath

“Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death.” – Miyamoto Musashi

“Maturity, one discovers, has everything to do with the acceptance of ‘not knowing.” – Mark Z. Danielewski

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” – Nathaniel Branden

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” – Ellen DeGeneres

“Attitude is your acceptance of the natural laws, or your rejection of the natural laws.” – Stuart Chase

“You should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.” – Jeannette Walls

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” – William James

“Accepting all the good and bad about someone. It’s a great thing to aspire to. The hard part is actually doing it.” – Sarah Dessen

“Lack of documentation is becoming a problem for acceptance.” – Wietse Venema

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” – Michael J. Fox

“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” – George Orwell

“Nothing brings down walls as surely as acceptance.” – Deepak Chopra

“You’re going to have more rejection than acceptance.” – Barry Mann

“When you invoke the agent of change called acceptance, you must accept all that you are, all that you’ve been, and all that you will be in the future.” – Debbie Ford

“My entire life, I’ve been searching for acceptance.” – Greg Rutherford

“The acceptance of death gives you more of a stake in life, in living life happily, as it should be lived. Living for the moment.” – Sting

“I think it’s important to remember that Christianity was based in love and tolerance and forgiveness and acceptance.” – Kristin Chenoweth

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