30 Best Bipolar Quotes And Sayings

Bipolar quotes, its like the way you love your parents. Means you have to love and you do this same to your parents the mom and the dad. The real meanings of the bipolar are “double standards or double functions”. Like when you say that you are standing on two legs you can say you have bipolar legs. We can use this word in our relationships and their titles as if you see that your boyfriend or girlfriend is with another person you can say that he or she cheating on you by means of the bipolar. Other person will know that you and that one is the same thing to your lover. In case you already know the exact meanings of this word and come to here for getting some quotes on bipolar word then you are more then just welcome. Because we are sharing bipolar quotes for you to make you realize what it really means and help you sort out some real problems.

Bipolar quotes are a rare thing and nobody wants to read them but in some cases we have to read them and share them with others so every body can know what it means and how they can stop others to blame them or beat them in any way possible or not. Here we are sharing bipolar quotes for you and for your friends and family so let’s read bipolar quotes, share bipolar quotes and print out these bipolar quotes for ease of read and knowledge gaining. So let’s enjoy these bipolar quotes and know what it means in humans also with sayings on bipolar word and informative bipolar quotes.

Bipolar Quotes

“Yes I’m Bipolar but I’m as normal as you except the times when my mind thinks like two” – Stanley Victor Paskavich

“I’m kind of effectively bipolar.” – Emily Blunt

“When you are mad, mad like this, you don’t know it. Reality is what you see. When what you see shifts, departing from anyone else’s reality, it’s still reality to you.” – Marya Hornbacher

“Being bisexual, being bipolar, being biracial – it’s been used to define me, but I am desperate to be indefinable.” – Halsey

“Except you cannot outrun insanity, anymore than you can outrun your own shadow.” – Alyssa Reyans

“Now, bipolar disorder, it goes on a spectrum. There’s very severe conditions of it and there are milder ones. I’m lucky enough that it’s reasonably mild in my case.” – Stephen Fry

“What if talking about your feelings doesn’t fix anything? What if what you really need is to make the feelings go away?” – Amy Reed

“I’m kind of bipolar in my acting choices because I just want to do a little bit of everything.” – Miley Cyrus

“I feel like I’m a snow globe and someone shook me up and now every little piece of me is falling back randomly and nothing is ending up where it used to be.” – Amy Reed

“Sometimes when you have bipolar you have days you are grumpy and not feeling yourself.” – Frank Bruno

“I get absolutely shitfaced. I am shitfaced and hyper and ten years old. I am having the time of my life.” – Marya Hornbacher

“One of things so bad about depression and bipolar disorder is that if you don’t have prior awareness, you don’t have any idea what hit you.” – Kay Redfield Jamison

“Saying I don’t take my meds because they make me feel funny. Is like cannibals saying they don’t eat clowns because the taste funny” – Stanley Victor Paskavich

“I’m bipolar, but I’m not crazy, and I never was. I’m stark raving sane.” – Emilie Autumn

“Sensitive people usually love deeply and hate deeply. They don’t know any other way to live than by extremes because thier emotional theromastat is broken.” – Shannon L. Alder

“Game is bipolar. One day he’s this way, the next day he’s the next.” – Tony Yayo

“Except you cannot outrun insanity, anymore than you can outrun your own shadow.” – Alyssa Reyans

“People with bipolar disorder have difficulty with boundaries.” – Claire Danes

“But money spent while manic doesn’t fit into the Internal Revenue Service concept of medical expense or business loss. So after mania, when most depressed, you’re given excellent reason to be even more so.” – Kay Redfield Jamison

“I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar.” – Demi Lovato

“I get absolutely shitfaced. I am shitfaced and hyper and ten years old. I am having the time of my life.” – Marya Hornbacher

“There are many different forms of bipolar and the way that it expresses itself.” – Trai Byers

“Telling someone who is manic that she’s manic is like telling a dictator that he’s a dick. Neither is going to admit it, and both are willing to torture you to prove their points.” – Melody Moezzi

“I have family members that are bipolar.” – Trai Byers

“When it comes to most true bipolars, consider this thought: Genius by birth, bipolar by design.” – Stanley Victor Paskavich

“Bipolar disorder, manic depression, depression, black dog, whatever you want to call it, is inherent in our society. It’s a product of stress and in my case over-work.” – Adam Ant

“There were a few things scarier than a bipolar vampire off his meds, but to be honest, not that many.” – Rachel Caine

“I don’t find anything upsetting or gross or degrading about fighting with a mental illness: Bipolar or Schizophrenia.” – Kangana Ranaut

“I’m not bipolar, I’ve just had a bipolar life foisted upon me.” – Daniel O’Malley

“There are scientists all around the world looking for the genes responsible for bipolar illness and major depression.” – Kay Redfield Jamison

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