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You gotta water your plants Nobody can water them for you

DJ Khaled Quotes

“Fresh sneakers are important on a man. It’s like a new pair of boxers or a new pair of socks.” – DJ Khaled

“Watch your back, but more importantly when you get out the shower, dry your back. Its a cold world out there.” – DJ Khaled

“At the end of the day, I understand that life has road blocks, and life is like school – you’ll be tested; we gotta pass it.” – DJ Khaled

“The key is to enjoy life, because they don’t want you to enjoy life.” – DJ Khaled

“You gotta water your plants. Nobody can water them for you.” – DJ Khaled

“The other day the grass was brown, now its green cuz I ain’t give up. Never surrender.” – DJ Khaled

“Don’t ever play yourself.” – DJ Khaled

“Stay positive but stay focused. Sometimes things can distract you and you don’t want to be distracted on the journey to that mountain top.” – DJ Khaled

“Key is never be afraid of being yourself. Never!” – DJ Khaled

“They’ll try to close the door on you… Just open it.” – DJ Khaled

“People will try to bring you down, but you gotta go up.” – DJ Khaled

“God is the greatest. So at the end of the day and beginning of the day, I thank God.” – DJ Khaled

“‘They’ are the people that don’t believe in you, that say that you won’t succeed. We stay away from ‘They.'” – DJ Khaled

“When you stop making excuses and you work hard and go hard you will be very successful.” – DJ Khaled

“Basically, I’m one of the greatest producers ever. And I’m also one of the greatest DJs ever. And I’m also one of the best executives ever.” – DJ Khaled

“To succeed, you must believe. When you believe, you will succeed.” – DJ Khaled

Key is never be afraid of being yourself Never

“I wake up every day inspiring myself, because God gave me life.” – DJ Khaled

“Don’t fall for the trap. Stay focused. It’s about staying focused but at the same time God is the greatest, pray it up.” – DJ Khaled

“That’s when you know you’re the greatest: when you’re the greatest, and people still put odds against you.” – DJ Khaled

“In life everyone has a choice. The key is: make a right choice.” – DJ Khaled

“It’s safe to say headphones is a good business.” – DJ Khaled

“One of my keys to success is a lot of pillows. I feel like a lot of pillows is important to relax each piece of your body.” – DJ Khaled

“I’m honored that everybody’s inspired off my inspiration.” – DJ Khaled

“We have to get money. We have no choice. It cost money to eat.” – DJ Khaled

“We want justice, but at the same time, we gotta love and come together and bring unity, and I feel it’s gonna happen.” – DJ Khaled

“Key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.” – DJ Khaled

“Love to everybody who is out there progressing and taking things to the next level.” – DJ Khaled

“When you success you have to be very smart and be extra focused and protect your surroundings.” – DJ Khaled

“I’m all about peace. I’m all about unity. I’m all about love.” – DJ Khaled

“The key to success is to keep your head above the water.” – DJ Khaled

“I want to appeal to everyone. Because I’m not saying I’m the best, but we the best.” – DJ Khaled

“When I say “major key,” I think being grateful is actually respecting yourself.” – DJ Khaled

“I always make my dreams into goals.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Quotes That Will Inspire You

“They don’t want you to jet ski, they don’t want you to smile.” – DJ Khaled

“I’m one of them guys that tries to make everything the best of the best, so sometimes I’m out of control with it.” – DJ Khaled

“They go’n try to stop you, they go’n try. Notice how I said true. We ain’t never stopping.” – DJ Khaled

“I’m gonna go hard no matter what because I gotta feed my family, and I gotta feed myself.” – DJ Khaled

“I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people, and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing.” – DJ Khaled

“One of my major keys is actually the master keys: God.” – DJ Khaled

“Its so real out here right now, the only reason why you see anything is cuz I got the flash on.” – DJ Khaled

“We all want to win more, but it’s all about being blessed and embracing your blessings. We have life.” – DJ Khaled

“I only put good energy out there. You put good energy out there you get energy back.” – DJ Khaled

“Winning, to me, is easy. Winning more is the challenge.” – DJ Khaled

“The message I’m trying to say is that I’m tough because of life experience.” – DJ Khaled

“Everybody around me had a Snapchat, and I said I would never get on it. I’m still on Instagram, you know? They convinced me to get Snapchat.” – DJ Khaled

“The reason why I praise the lion is because the lion is the king of the jungle.” – DJ Khaled

“At the end of the day, I pray for the best.” – DJ Khaled

“When you have life, you can weather any storm. You’re breathing. You have life.” – DJ Khaled

“Love is the most powerful thing in the world, and you know, what love brings is joy.” – DJ Khaled

“I don’t want no problems. I don’t want to know problems.” – DJ Khaled

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