Egyptian Quotes

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Egyptian Quotes

“Most software today is very much like an Egyptian pyramid with millions of bricks piled on top of each other, with no structural integrity, but just done by brute force and thousands of slaves.” – Alan Kay

“Egyptians are like camels: they can put up with beatings, humiliation and starvation for a long time but when they rebel they do so suddenly and with a force that is impossible to control.” – Alaa Al Aswany

“One of the most important branches of the Egyptian economy is tourism. No bikinis, no tourism. So they have to decide what to do.” – Shimon Peres

“The symbology of the sphinx… is to remind mankind for eternity that he is nothing more than an animal with a brain.” – Milton William Cooper

“There are lots of wonderful old Italian actors. You don’t need to take an Egyptian to play an Italian actor.” – Omar Sharif

“The road to democracy is rarely smooth, but for Egyptian women, it has been exceptionally bumpy.” – G. Willow Wilson

“The last thing I would do to this country is to even put my personal interests about the country’s interest. I have never done that in my life, and I will never do it because I, you know, I was brought up as a very patriotic Egyptian, and this is not just going to happen.” – Wael Ghonim

“The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salifist parties are a real force in the Egyptian society.” – Ahmed Zewail

“I don’t think the Egyptian people want to see what is a very clear effort to obtain political and economic rights turn into any kind of new form of oppression or suppression or violence or letting loose criminal elements.” – Hillary Clinton

“I think I succeeded in getting the Egyptian people excited about the importance of science, and this is the only way Egypt can get out of this dark ages.” – Ahmed Zewail

“The Egyptian military plays positive and negative roles in Egypt, but the most significant single thing it did under Mubarak was to guarantee an Islamist victory once he left the scene.” – Elliott Abrams

“The Egyptian contribution to architecture was more concerned with remembering the dead than the living.” – Stephen Gardiner

“The Egyptian military and the government of Israel have long had a common interest in maintaining order and fighting terrorism in Sinai.” – Elliott Abrams

“There is a positive and personal relationship between the Egyptian people and the Syrian people.” – Mohammed Morsi

“What role did the Internet play in the Egyptian Revolution? People will be arguing about the answer to that question for decades if not centuries.” – Rebecca MacKinnon

“I will treat everyone equally and be a servant of the Egyptian people.” – Mohammed Morsi

“All my stories are like the Greek and Roman myths, and the Egyptian myths, and the Old and New Testament.” – Ray Bradbury

“When I was growing up, we spoke Egyptian, we ate Egyptian food, we had other Egyptian friends. It was my father’s preference.” – Leila Aboulela

“There are clearly many Egyptian free-thinkers and intellectuals – lots of wonderful Egyptian artists and architects and scientists.” – Richard Engel

“I’m building a glass pyramid over the Egyptian escalator where my body will be mummified, so my customers can come and see me forever.” – Mohamed Al-Fayed

“The Egyptian was the reverse of a theorist or mere thinker. He wanted to perceive with his senses how the soul took its way from the dead body into higher realms – he wanted to have this constructed before him.” – Rudolf Steiner

“Once you touch the trappings of monarchy, like opening an Egyptian tomb, the inside is liable to crumble.” – Anthony Sampson

“The Egyptian experience suggests that social media can greatly accelerate the death of already dying authoritarian regimes.” – Evgeny Morozov

“The dream of democracy has long been enshrined in the hearts of the Egyptian people. It only needed awakening.” – Mohamed ElBaradei

“I do not want to see the whole Egyptian people feel protected by my presence. They really have to fight for their freedom whether I’m there or not.” – Mohamed ElBaradei


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