18 Greatest Eternal Love Quotes

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Eternal Love Quotes

“Even during the worst hardships, when the other things in our lives seem to fall apart, we can still find peace in the eternal love of God.” – Armstrong Williams

“Love is like an eternal flame – once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.” – Kamila

“True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self.” – William Butler Yeats

“Love is space and time measured by the heart.” – Marcel Proust

“My love for you will outlast this beach, this ocean, this planet. When judgement comes and Heaven finally falls, I will take you back with me.” – Scarlet Blackwell

“Eternal love, is a myth, but we make our myths, and we love them to death.” – Natalie Angier

“The only way to have eternal love is to never let your heart forget what it’s like to live without it.” – Sherrilyn Kenyon

“Love is the true means by which the world is enjoyed: our love to others, and others love to us.” – Thomas Traherne

“I want you forever. I will always be with you. I will always love you. I will love, honor and cherish you for all eternity.” – Katrina D. Miller

“I’m sure that love exists, even infinite, eternal love.” – Kylie Minogue

“I will keep on loving you until eternity comes to make me love you more” – Munia Khan

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

“I love you and I will love you until I die and if there is an afterlife i will love u even then” – Peter Luther

“I’ve always loved you, and when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.” – Leo Tolstoy

“Eternal truth, eternal righteousness, eternal love; these only can triumph, for these only can endure.” – Joseph Barber Lightfoot

“Love is something eternal… The aspect may change but not the essence.” – Vincent van Gogh

“A lot of people like the idea of eternal love and eternal romance. The notion of love that is more profound and deeper because it is eternal is very powerful.” – James Patterson

“True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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