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Are you flying? or ready to fly and searching for some flying quotes? well we are here to give you the exact thing in list mode to make yourself get what you were looking for a long time or a short time period. Here we are sharing flying quotes with a next kind of approach on how the people take it when they are going to fly by airplane or some other machines. As there are so many other ways to fly now above the earth. We are introducing these flying quotes to you which you may not heard of before but in search of flying quotes and not gets the best of them. In case that is the problem then we are here and we are helping you by sharing best, top quality, latest and totally famous and inspirational flying quotes. You should share these flying quotes with your friends and family members to make them know what is the reason behind your love for flying and what some great people have said about the flying.

By sharing these flying quotes you can make your friends and family members to pamper you for flying more and more higher in the sky when you ask them that whether you should fly or not. Well while in the search of these flying quotes we have watched a cartoon movie where everything is becoming fat and so much on fat by that it makes a balloon type of all the things and they all were flying to the sky even including one beautiful and busty women. However we are not that crazy to tell you the name of that clip but here we are sharing our best thing with you the flying quotes. So get them to read them and share with others.

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Flying Quotes

“The good thing about flying solo is it’s never boring.” – Steve Fossett

“The Guide says there is an art to flying, said Ford, or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” – Douglas Adams

“I work best when there is adversity: I seem to get calmer the more the fur is flying.” – Andrea Arnold

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“You know, I’m an eagle, flying around in the mountains.” – Link Wray

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison

“I don’t have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing.” – Billy Bob Thornton

“Use the wings of the flying Universe, Dream with open eyes; See in darkness.” – Dejan Stojanovic

“I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand. Adventure is a state of mind – and spirit.” – Jacqueline Cochran

“That’s the thing about flying: You could talk to someone for hours and never even know his name, share your deepest secrets and then never see them again.” – Jennifer E. Smith

“I always had the dream of flying, and the cheapest way is to become a skydiver.” – Felix Baumgartner

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.” – Henry David Thoreau

“I have often said that the lure of flying is the lure of beauty.” – Amelia Earhart

“All really great flying adventures begin at dawn.” – Stephen Coonts

“Flying dreams mean that you’re doing the right thing with your life.” – Douglas Coupland

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” – J.R. Rim

“Everyone loves to fly, and flying underwater is even better than flying in air because there are things around you.” – Graham Hawkes

“He loved more than anything to fly. His sole conflict was with gravity.” – Mark Z. Danielewski

“It’s nice to see different places and different parts of the world. It’s pretty cool, though I hate flying!” – Stipe Miocic

“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.” – Amelia Earhart

“I kind of do think of myself as a superhero and just flying high, and doing these crazy flips.” – Gabby Douglas

“There is no flying without wings.” – French Proverb

“I have the flying dream a lot where I’m jumping off a building and just flying around.” – Channing Tatum

“Flying is hours and hours of boredom sprinkled with a few seconds of sheer terror.” – Gregory ”Pappy” Boyington

“Birds born in cages think that flying is a disease.” – Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure passion and desire, which fill a lifetime.” – General Adolf Galland

“I believe in the importance of flying in space and the research that we do.” – Scott Kelly

“There is no more exciting sport than flying, for if you lose, you die.” – Christopher Paolini

“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.” – Amelia Earhart

“I think it is a pity to lose the romantic side of flying and simply to accept it as a common means of transport.” – Amy Johnson

“It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is.” – Philippe Perrin

“Flying can be easy at times, but with the wrong machine or the wrong person at the controls, it is the most difficult thing in the world.” – Paul Gallagher

“The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” – Douglas Adams

“To most people the sky is the limit. To those who love flying, the sky is home.” – unknown

“When I was a child, I didn’t fly – we couldn’t afford to fly. Flying was for rich people.” – Jeff Smisek

“I learned the discipline of flying in order to have the freedom of flight. Discipline prevents crashes.” – Captain John Cook

“As soon as I have got flying to perfection, I have got a scheme about a steam engine.” – Ada Lovelace

“Flying is done largely with the imagination.” – Wolfgang Langewiesche

“Whenever I dream about flying, it’s the best feeling in the world.” – Kate Mara

“We who fly do so for the love of flying. We are alive in the air with this miracle that lies in our hands and beneath our feet.” – Cecil Day Lewis

“I hate flying. Know why? Because no one really understands how planes actually work.” – Adam Levine

“Flying prevails whenever a man and his airplane are put to a test of maximum performance.” – Richard Bach

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” – Douglas Adams

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