Healthy Ground Beef Recipes

Beef is very healthy and important meal for the human body. It will give you protein and little bit fat. If you never like fat, but like to eat ground beef recipes, then you need to follow my site. I show you some unique and impressive Ground beef recipes, healthy and quick. You can make these recipes at your home with simple ingredients. I know you never believe me, but it is true and you can make Ground beef recipes, healthy and quick in just a few minutes. I know you shook, but after reading my recipes you understand that it is true and easy. I use some unique, but easily available ingredients. I never use non-healthy ingredients.

Ground Beef Recipes

You know that my goal is to provide you the Best healthy recipe. Every day when I wake up I make my task to give you the best recipe and help you with cooking skills. I am very good chefs and very famous in my society. I cook very well and my family likes to eat my recipe. I upload different recipes daily on my site and you know my recipe is very helpful if you want to stay connected with me then never forget to read my recipes daily. Today I found out the best topic for me. I decided to give you Ground beef recipes, healthy and quick. I know this is a little bit difficult to cook, but not impossible. If I cook this recipe in my kitchen, then everyone cooks this recipe easily.

You know when I start my cooking I have no any skills even I never know how to start the oven. After some time I learn a lot of things and if you want to read my tips that how I upgrade my skills and now I am a good cook then read below. I mention all secrets and give detail how to upgrade cooking skills. So without wasting time we discuss Ground beef recipes, healthy and quick. The ground beef recipes is very famous in an Asian country and especially people also like to eat ground beef recipes for every special occasion. Ground beef recipes really very good and helpful fro body. It will heal your stomach disease and also give too much power to your body.

These are some special Ground beef recipes, healthy and quick:

Mini Meat Loaves With Corn and Potatoes

Mini Meat Loaves With Corn and Potatoes

Make this lovely meal for your family and enjoy with sweet potatoes. If you eat fast food daily then  you need to slow down your speed and start eating a healthy meal because fast food is not good for health. You know, if you eat this recipe at once in a week, then you will able to burn 300 calories in your body. I make this recipe after complete research, then I share with you. 300 calories are enough for making a healthy body. I give you some mini meat loaves with corn and potatoes recipe that will be very good for your health.

You know that potatoes have too much fat if you eat only potatoes recipe and it is not good for health, but if you make a healthy potato recipe with beef meat and see your recipe will delicious and healthy and also potatoes fat will decrease. I also use corn for making more delicious taste. I hope now your interest is very high in this recipe and you want to eat this recipe right now, but for making this unbeatable recipe you need to collect some ingredients.


  1. White bread
  2. Pepper
  3. Egg white
  4. Lean ground beef
  5. Red potatoes
  6. Corn and butter.

Follow my steps

  • Take a bowl and pour the egg white.
  • Now add peppers and butter in it.
  • Using big sauces fry lean ground beef.
  • Now put egg mixture and chopped red potatoes in the pot.
  • Cook for 20 minutes when you see all ingredients, complete cook.
  • Your recipe is ready for eating.

Slow cooked meatballs

Slow cooked meatballs

This is Italian top ground beef recipes. Italian people like to eat this recipe at any special occasion and other events. This is a compulsory recipe of Italian people. This is not the only famous meal, it is also very delicious. Italian people like this recipe because it is very attractive and impressive ground beef recipes. If you want to cook this recipe at your home, then follow my site. I recommended you to some ingredients. This is the perfect diet for everyone.


  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Cheese
  3. Milk
  4. Egg
  5. Garlic
  6. Italian sauce
  7. Lean ground beef
  8. Canola oil
  9. Sweet onion
  10. Red pepper flakes
  11. Sugar

You will shook after seeing my ingredients list because you never use these ingredients at same in a unique recipe. But never need to worry, I cook this recipe many times and all ingredients are important.

Step for making best meal.

  • Combine eggs, milk, garlic in the bowl and wait 10 minutes.
  • Combine other ingredients in another bowl and mix.
  • Now give heat both using a microwave oven and atlast mix both.
  • Your recipe is ready for eating with the family.

Ground beef recipes

Healthy Ground Beef Recipes

You can see that my recipe is unique and impress so if some guest or a closed friend are coming into your house and you want to represent some new dishes with them, then you must try my “Mini Meat Loaves With Corn and Potatoes” recipe. This receipt is genuine and very delicious receipt as my other recipe. I suggest you this recipe because I think it will suit your personality and show that you are very nice person. I also cook Mini Meat Loaves With Corn and Potatoes when my some special friend is coming to visit my house.

You must try me all recipe at once and then select which recipe you cook easily and quickly. Usually my all recipe is easy and quick but I don’t know your cooking skills. If you are beginner then it will difficult for you to make the perfect recipe, but after some time if you take particle daily then you cooking skills will increase and you will easily cook any recipe. You must use my receipt in your practice period, because these are an easy and very helpful recipe.

Ground Beef Recipe – Easy Turkish Recipes

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