Top 20 Hippie Quotes And Sayings

Hippie quotes for you with a twist of this old but still new word which was used to be a sign for a man who is drunk and got long hair with bad looks in 19s. However now it is considered a word to use for long hair and young age. If you are young and loves to showoff your beauty than here is a list of some hippie quotes for you with these hippie quotes you can easily showoff your beauty and styles to others while others will not instantly got what you were saying to them but they will try to figure out and thus you can make a noise in the very busy world. Before going to share these hippie quotes with you we want you to try out our recent published articles and also visit other pages which you can see here and there on this website or go to the homepage for getting latest quotes and more.

As being one of the best websites which are sharing the best and most exciting quotes on daily basis with their readers we are here again to share some love and make you and advance yet old human being by sharing these hippie quotes. If you were in search of the meanings of the hippie word in your language or wanted to know more about it so you can tell others than here is a key thing the hippie quotes for you which will gives you an idea about the meanings of this English word and you will get some knowledge too. So without any wasting lines please scroll down and read through our best collection of the hippie quotes which we have collected from various sources just for you.

Hippie Quotes

“I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart, so I always wear things that are comfortable and flowing.” – Carly Rae Jepsen

“All things old become new again. In my youth the athletes had crew cuts and the hippies had long hair. Now the athletes have long hair and the hippies are bald.” – Harley King

“I wasn’t for Vietnam. When I told that to the hippie newspaper, all my people got nervous.” – Loretta Lynn

“In reality punk people are usually the gentlest, kindest folks you’ll ever know. They’re like hippies, only they wear way more black.” – Kate Rockland

“I’m not very good at business. I’m more of a creative, fun-loving hippie type.” – Rebecca Ferguson

“Nowhere have I ever heard of Satan taking the form of an avuncular hippie. No doubt he could. It just seems inefficient.” – Nick Harkaway

“I’m just an old hippie. You know, peace and love.” – Sherman Hemsley

“I wanna say hello to all the ex-hippies tonight. I’ve never been a hippie myself but I’m an honorary hippie.” – Bob Dylan

“I’m like a hippie. At the end of the day, that’s what my voice caters to.” – Wyclef Jean

“You become hippie when you realize how to be happy.” – Anonymous

“I think people think of Oregon as such a granola, hippie kind of a place.” – Kaitlin Olson

“There were two things I wanted to be: an actor and a hippie.” – Dennis Christopher

“Basically, I was a hippie and still am a flower child.” – Donna Karan

“There is a secret hippie within me.” – Phillip Lim

“To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.” – Bernadette Devlin

“I grew up in a hippie commune so I have a real hippie part of me.” – Patricia Arquette

“I grew up counterculture. I’m essentially a hippie, and I’m essentially a folkie.” – Steve Earle

“The people who really know me understand that I have a tough exterior, but I’m actually just a hippie at heart.” – Erin Wasson

“In private, I’m a hippie who follows Buddhism, does yoga, meditates and loves to dance wildly.” – Laura Harring

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” – James Baldwin

Here we have share our best collection of the hippie quotes for you and we want you to share these hippie quotes with your friends and fans so they will also know what is hippie and how they can make use of this word.


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