Top 50 Inspirational Graduation Quotes and Sayings

Graduating from your university and need to update your social media networking profiles, groups and pages to make others know that you are now a university graduate? Well you should do this for your own respect and others will love your mile stone of life too. As inspiration is every thing in every aspect of life, we are here to provide you the best and only inspirational graduation quotes for you to make it even easier to share your experience in learning years and how you got the best position or how you can ask others to be a graduate in there universities for achieving something really good in their coming inspirational life style.

As you know inspirational graduation quotes are something we can easily get and share on any medium and people who can read English (even other languages) can translate or get a short of the meanings you are trying to tell others with real experience of your graduation life.

As for this we are about to share with you some really exciting and precious inspirational graduation quotes with images and text based quotes just for you our dear visitor in a helping hand to break the odds of now learning system is good or something you can prove that you are more then just an inspirational graduation holder or sharing quotes is not that thing for you. You will be totally amazed after reading the catalog of inspiration graduation quotes as we have collected them from entire world of internet and from the books of real authors of these good quotes. Check out them by scrolling your window down.

Claire Danes graduation quotes

Inspirational Graduation Quotes – Graduation Sayings

“Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.” – Robert Anthony

“A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that “individuality” is the key to success.” – Robert Orben

“When I was a graduate student, the leading spirits at Harvard were interested in the history of ideas.” – M. H. Abrams

“A university is a city of ideas, and we’re grateful you became citizens of our city.” – Mary Karr

“I don’t look to find an educated person in the ranks of university graduates, necessarily. Some of the most educated people I know have never been near a university.” – John Keegan

Elizabeth Blackwell graduation quotes

“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.” – William S. Burroughs

“I’ve told my children that when I die, to release balloons in the sky to celebrate that I graduated. For me, death is a graduation.” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.” – Carol Burnett

“When you graduate from college, they tell you to follow your dreams. Does anyone say you have to wake up first?” – Bill Cosby

“I went through withdrawal when I got out of graduate school. It’s what you learn, what you think. That’s all that counts.” – Maya Lin


Friedrich Nietzsche graduation quotes

“I disagree with a lot of those changes, however at the end of the day – I go down to recruit graduation at least once or twice a year.” – R. Lee Ermey

“The morning after my high-school graduation found me up early job hunting. The dream of college I put on the back burner.” – Martha Reeves

“The world is waiting for us to graduate from ourselves.” – Shannon L. Alder

“Catholic school graduates exhibit a wide variety of qualities that will not only help them in their careers but also in their family and community lives.” – Joe Baca

“The idea of winning a doctor’s degree gradually assumed the aspect of a great moral struggle, and the moral fight possessed immense attraction for me.” – Elizabeth Blackwell

Inspirational Graduation Quotes for Room-mates

You was living in a hostel? and there was some really cool and remember-able room mates? who you cannot ignore in the success time of your graduation? Well every one who was once a uni or college room holder had some precious room mates and he/she should give back to them by spreading the news of graduation as sharing quotes to their whatsapp and other private messaging apps. They will become happier to see your message so you should try this using these inspirational graduation quotes.

Tom Brokaw graduation quote

“Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree.” – Marian Wright Edelman

“As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.” – Michael Dell

“I did my first film when I was in the final year of my graduation. At that time, I was still a kid, and I couldn’t read the industry very well.” – Uday Kiran

“The person who you’re with most in life is yourself and if you don’t like yourself you’re always with somebody you don’t like.” – Mark Lewis

“It might be said now that I have the best of both worlds. A Harvard education and a Yale degree.” – John F. Kennedy


Plato graduation quote

“When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money.” – Ray Bradbury

“I was the first boy in the Kennedy family to graduate from college.” – Mark Kennedy

“I have actually five honorary degrees.” – Katherine Dunham

“This man used to go to school with his dog. Then they were separated. His dog graduated!” – Henny Youngman

“Even though I didn’t get a business degree, I enjoyed learning about economics.” – Herb Ritts

robert anthony Graduation Sayings

“I graduated from the University of Whatever.” – Dana Snyder

“A few months after graduation I was working in films. It took off pretty quick.” – Moira Kelly

“I did get a degree in special education.” – Clay Aiken

“I accidentally forgot to graduate from college.” – Anne Lamott

“I was the girl that didn’t go to prom or my graduation because I was too busy working with producers and making music.” – Bebe Rexha

M. H. Abrams graduation quotes

“College athletes used to get a degree in bringing your pencil.” – Ruby Wax

“I always wanted to have my own album released before I graduated from high school.” – Christina Aguilera

“So in my uncertainty, I went to graduate school and there it all happened.” – Ted Nelson

“I pretty much bailed on high school. I mean, I graduated, but I wasn’t even there for my own graduation.” – Tommy Caldwell

“The knowledge of languages was very useful. I have a university degree in foreign languages and literature.” – Emma Bonino

John Keegan graduation quotes

“I took three years off. I differentiated myself from the industry. Found my identity – sort of.. I haven’t graduated yet. I’m not legitimately educated yet, but maybe one day.” – Claire Danes

“For good nurture and education implant good constitutions.” – Plato

“I don’t look to find an educated person in the ranks of university graduates, necessarily. Some of the most educated people I know have never been near a university.” – John Keegan

“The doer alone learneth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“All real education is the architecture of the soul.” – William Bennett

Joe Baca graduation quotes

“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.” – Tom Brokaw

“It is virtually impossible to compete in today’s global economy without a college degree.” – Bobby Scott

“Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. You graduate from college once, and that’s it. You’re going out of that nest. And you have to find that courage that’s deep, deep, deep in there. Every step of the way.” – Andrew Shue

“God will not look you over for medals degrees or diplomas, but for scars.” – Elbert Hubbard

“Knowledge is invariably a matter of degree: you cannot put your finger upon even the simplest datum and say this we know.” – T. S. Eliot

elbert hubbard Graduation Quote

“Success is like a mountain that keeps growing ahead of you as you hike it… Err in the direction of kindness.” – George Saunders

“I learned law so well, the day I graduated I sued the college, won the case, and got my tuition back.” – Fred Allen

“It doesn’t matter that your dream came true if you spent your whole life sleeping.” – Jerry Zucker

“Everyone has a right to a university degree in America, even if it’s in Hamburger Technology.” – Clive James

“Don’t always worry what your next line is going to be.” – Dick Costolo

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