35 Best Mom Quotes And Sayings

Mother is like a subtle statue of love and care. she is the personality who cares about her kids who can’t see even a single sign of any discomfort on faces of her kids and in any dreadful or awful situation so to thanks mothers and to show the importance of love and care of mothers we have some amazing mom quotes.

Moms are the blessings of God they are the gifts of God in the world. As mother gives birth and take care of her kids for whole life. she sacrifices her time, needs and many other things that she want to do just for the sake of her children to make their future secure. she always try to make her children happy and want to give everything what ever they want so there should respect and love in our eyes and heart for our mothers.

This world is like utopia and heaven if you have mom and without moms there is nothing in this world there is a dazzling collection of mom quotes which you can share with your moms and tell them how much you love them.

My mom is definitely my rock

Mom Quotes

“My mom has always wished me a daughter just like me.” – Pink

“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” – Karl Lagerfeld

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” – Honore de Balzac

“One of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten in my life was from my mom. When I was a little kid there was a kid who was bugging me at school and she said “Okay, I’m gonna tell you what to do. If the kid’s bugging you and puts his hands on you; you pick up the nearest rock.” – Johnny Depp

“Motherhood is the only thing in my life that I’ve really known for sure is something I wanted to do.” – Cynthia Nixon

“A best friend is the only one that walks into your life when the world has walked out.” – Shannon L. Alder

“I love every second of being a mom.” – Lily Aldridge

My mother's wonderful. To me she's perfection.

“My mom smiled at me. Her smile kind of hugged me.” – R.J. Palacio

“My mom and I have always been there for each other. We had some tough times, but she was always there for me.” – LeBron James

“Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.” – P.J. O’Rourke

“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.” – Jim DeMint

“Still I pulled her into a hug, because I knew she let me off the hook on purpose and yeah, I’m a guy and I love my mom. So shoot me. I’m man enough to hug her without feeling like a mama’s boy.” – Nyrae Dawn

“I look up to my mom. She’s a beautiful woman.” – Leighton Meester

“My mum and dad had worked incredibly hard to afford me an education.” – Benedict Cumberbatch

Mom Quotes

“Once you’re a mom, always a mom. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.” – Taraji P. Henson

“Every mother has to take care of her family.” – Kelly Long

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” – Mark Twain

“My mom said I was a handful. Now I’m helpful.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

“Of all the roles I’ve played, none has been as fulfilling as being a mother.” – Annette Funicello

“Children always forgive their mothers. That’s the way God’s designed them. He gives them two arms, two legs, and a heart that will cry ‘mother’ until the day it stops beating.” – Nadia Hashimi

“My mother’s wonderful. To me she’s perfection.” – Michael Jackson

Men are what their mothers made them

“My mom is cool and my mom will treat you right.” – Sam Hyde

“What is free time? I’m a single mother. My free moments are filled with loving my little girl.” – Roma Downey

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.” – Jessica Lange

“You know, I don’t think any mother aims to be a single mom. I didn’t wish for that, but it happened.” – Charlize Theron

“I think in a lot of ways unconditional love is a myth. My mom’s the only reason I know it’s a real thing.” – Conor Oberst

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.” – Tina Fey

“My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya.” – Joel Madden

dear mom one day ill make you proud i promise

“Mothers and children are human beings, and they will sometimes do the wrong thing.” – Maurice Sendak

“My mother taught me to treat a lady respectfully.” – Chris Brown

“Mothers don’t let your daughters grow up to be models unless you’re present.” – Janice Dickinson

“My mom is definitely my rock.” – Alicia Keys

“I didn’t plan on being a single mom, but you have to deal with the cards you are dealt the best way you can.” – Tichina Arnold

“My mother thinks I am the best. And I was raised to always believe what my mother tells me.” – Diego Maradona

“Being a mom is really the greatest role in my life.” – Kim Fields

Hope you will like these mom quotes and thanks for the read please share them with others to tell importance of moms you can also share with your moms.

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