25 Best Muslim Quotes

Muslims are like other peoples of different religions but the difference is that they are the followers of religion Islam. a religion which provides a road map or a code of life. to show the importance that being a Muslim you are how special we have a deep collection of Muslim quotes

Muslim should be a person who loves humanity who feel pain for his race and help his fellow men in the worst days who can bring little happiness and moments of joy in the life of those who are in trouble.

Allah has filled the heart of a Muslim with love of humanity and as being a Muslim how should you have to play your part of role we have some intense Muslim Quotes.

A true Muslim is that who thanks Allah for everything he have ,he should pray Allah and do all things that are ordered from Allah and leave all bad things that are prohibited in Islam and to indulge you in the uniqueness of Islam we have incredible Muslim quotes.

Muslim Quotes

Muslim Quotes

“I have great respect for the religion. I know a lot of people that are Muslim and are phenomenal people.” – Colin Kaepernick

“take everyday as a chance to become a better muslim.” – Unknown

‘He is the most perfect Muslim whose disposition is best; and the best of you are they who behave best to their wives.” – Muhammad

“Muslim women are the diamonds of Islam. Nobody will reveal their diamonds to strangers.” – Unknown

“The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who surrenders to God.’ But the press makes us seem like haters.” – Muhammad Ali

“Being a Muslim is not a joke but a challenge. If you think it is, come and live in Pakistan where you will know about Muslims’ enemies around the globe.” – Faisal Nawaz Maitlo

“I think the way I am, the way I’m chilled out, has a lot to do with being Muslim and having faith.” – Mo Farah

“Allah made you a Muslim because He wants to see you in Jannah. All you need to do is prove that you’re worthy of it!” – Unknown

“Muslims are the first victims of Islam. To liberate a Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him!” – Ernest Renan

“Islam expect every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie.” – Osama bin Laden

“I never was in the Nation of Islam… I mean, what I call myself is a natural Muslim, ’cause it’s just me and God.” – Ice Cube

“A perfect Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“People think a Muslim has to have a turban or a big beard. It’s stupid.” – T-Pain

“Every Muslim must rise to defend his religion. The wind of faith is blowing.” – Osama bin Laden

“He who becomes a Muslim does so in his own interest.” – Abu Bakr

“A Muslim should be sincerely religious and politically aware.” – Tariq Ramadan

“I did a lot of things as a Muslim that I am sorry for now.” – Malcolm X

“Do not look down upon any Muslim, for even the most inferior believer is great in the eyes of God.” – Abu Bakr

“In the Muslim world, I had seen that men with white complexions were more genuinely brotherly than anyone else had ever been. That… was the start of a radical alteration in my whole outlook about ‘white men.'” – Malcolm X

“The Muslim Prophet Mohammed was a big believer in charity and firmly established helping those in need as a basis of the religion.” – Richard Engel

“I never was in the Nation of Islam… I mean, what I call myself is a natural Muslim, ’cause it’s just me and God. You know, going to the mosque, the ritual and the tradition, it’s just not in me to do. So I don’t do it.” – Ice Cube

“There is no sign saying ‘good Muslim’ or ‘bad Muslim.’ How many lives will be lost or destroyed trying to determine who is good or who is bad?” – Pauline Hanson

“Unbeliever is he who follows predestination even if he be Muslim, Faithful is he, if he himself is the Divine Destiny.” – Muhammad Iqbal

“What would people say if I had only asked to ban Muslim clothing? They would burn me as a Muslim hater.” – Marine Le Pen

“I grew up with a lot of Muslim friends, and the whole idea of revelation has been a lifelong interest of mine.” – Deepak Chopra

Hopefully these Muslim quotes can help you to adapt some little things as being a Muslim thanks for the read and please not forget to share.

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