42 Famous Painting Quotes And Sayings

Do you paint? or love painting? Well there is so much of love hidden in the paintings and people around the globe loves to set them as a background in every aspect as they can like desktop screen and at their walls of the home. Here we are showing to you some painting quotes which you can also get printed out and have them hover on your walls or you can download and set as the desktop background or even on a handy device. We have collected these painting quotes from various sources and we loves to share them with you as we know that you like the paintings thus you will also like to read painting quotes. In sharing these painting quotes our mission is to get maximum people to know why is there paintings still on the trend and why people still loves to visit different events of painters as there are so many printers and technology there which you can make a painting in a seconds even we can now do it on our mobiles with different free to use software. If you were in thinking of that type of things than you are on the best page of the internet because we are here to share the most lovely and beautiful painting quotes with you. So let’s try these painting quotes and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Painting Quotes

Painting Quotes

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” – Oscar Wilde

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.” – Orhan Pamuk

“Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour.” – Giotto di Bondone

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper

“Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.” – Maurice de Vlaminck

“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” – Vincent van Gogh

“Through a painting we can see the whole world.” – Hans Hofmann

“Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.” – Pablo Picasso

“A fine work of art – music, dance, painting, story – has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.” – Robert McKee

“No one is an artist unless he carries his picture in his head before painting it, and is sure of his method and composition.” – Claude Monet

“Painting something that defies the law of the land is good. Painting something that defies the law of the land and the law of gravity at the same time is ideal.” – Banksy

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” – Edgar Degas

“A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people” – Edgar Degas

“Sometimes people think drawing and painting is mucking about when actually it is a highly skilled activity.” – Quentin Blake

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” – Bob Ross

“Every viewer is going to get a different thing. That’s the thing about painting, photography, cinema.” – David Lynch

“No, you don’t shoot things. You capture them. Photography means painting with light. And that’s what you do. You paint a picture only by adding light to the things you see.” – Katja Michael

“Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.” – Paul Cezanne

“The key to understanding any people is in its art: its writing, painting, sculpture.” – Louis L’Amour

“I loved painting and drawing for many reasons. One of them was that all it really required was me, a pencil and a pad. It was something I was passionate about, and still am.” – Danny Huston

“The painter will produce pictures of little merit if he takes the works of others as his standard.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Painting’s not important. The important thing is keeping busy.” – Grandma Moses

“It is not your paintings I like, it is your painting.” – Albert Camus

“I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.” – Jackson Pollock

“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.” – Rembrandt

“Painting becomes interesting when it becomes timeless.” – Peter Doig

“The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they’re always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.” – Norman Rockwell

“I don’t believe in making pencil sketches and then painting landscape in your studio. You must be right under the sky.” – William Merritt Chase

“Painting reflects. It kills you in a colourful shower of emptiness. Flatness. Randomness. And beauty. Yes, it is the most pure beauty I have ever felt in my life.” – Nigel Tomm

“A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth.” – John Singer Sargent

“There is something particularly fascinating about seeing places you know in a piece of art – be that in a film, or a photograph, or a painting.” – Sara Sheridan

“There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk.” – Charles Dickens

“I intend to destroy, destroy everything that exists in painting. I have utter contempt for painting.” – Juan Miro

“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” – Jackson Pollock

“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.” – Mark Rothko

“I don’t like painting flowers in my music. I like painting guts and pain.” – Jonathan Davis

“She was a poem and a painting too. Everything she said sounded like a song, every silence was the music too.” – Akshay Vasu

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” – Plutarch

“They ran to the museums for paintings. I ran to the roof for sunsets” – Darnell Lamont Walker

“I think a painting is more like the real world if it’s made out the real world.” – Robert Rauschenberg

“Perhaps we painted on our own skin, with ochre and charcoal, long before we painted on stone.” – Anne Michaels

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