I love you sister and quotes, believe me I love you sister is a line which gives us the pleasure of life when we call our sister that we love her. Being more love able and to get some sister love back we should try sending some lovely and good feeling I love you sister quotes whenever she ask us or when there is something special like her birthday and when she got good passing marks in her annual examinations. There are a lot of good opportunities which you can avail and be prepared for saying I love you sister quotes to your best and sweet and also a lovely sister. As you know having a loving sister is a blessing of God which is not so rare.

God is great by giving this sweet to every person living on this earth (with out some of us). But! if you become loyal and kind you will get many sisters in this earth even when you don’t have a sibling. Because there are also many girls who have no brothers and they are finding someone to be their brother to advice her or be protected. However this is a trend that whenever some people start seeing you with an unknown girl they started calling her your girlfriend. Please stop this bullshit and say them that you have her as your sweet sister. So to make it even stronger. Check out some sister quotes and sayings below.

sister quote


dear sister quotes

My sister is a mess. I love her to death, but she is a mess. – RJ Mitte

sister quote

As a brother and sister, our tastes were pretty different growing up. He liked a lot of early hip hop. My dad didn’t understand it and would try to talk him out of it. – Taryn Manning

Best sisiter saying and quote

There’s something so great about being with your nephew and, when you’re tired, just handing him off back to your sister. – Tahj Mowry

awesome sister quotes and sayings

The women I love most are Latina – my sister, mother, and daughter. They’re spontaneous but spend a majority of their time trying to make others happy. – William Levy

God bless my sister
God bless my sister

As I grew up, one of my strongest allies has been my sister. – Patti Smith

I love my sister with all my heart

I grew up believing my sister was from the planet Neptune and had been sent down to Earth to kill me. – Zooey Deschanel

If you have nothing in life but a loving sister you're rich.
If you have nothing in life but a loving sister you’re rich.

My father was very disappointed by war and fighting. And he thought language could help us out of cycles of revenge and animosity. And so, as a journalist, he always found himself asking lots of questions and trying to gather information. He was always very clear to underscore the fact that Jewish people and Arab people were brother and sister. – Naomi Shihab Nye

dear sister you are amazing
dear sister you are amazing

Fidelity is the sister of justice. – Horace

Fairies are real i have one she calls herself my sister
Fairies are real i have one she calls herself my sister

My sister wanted to be an actress, but she never made it. She does live in a trailer. She got halfway. She’s an actress, she just never gets called to the set. – Mitch Hedberg

Hey Sister

Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister. – Alice Walker

best sister quote
best sister quotes

A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night. – Chanakya

inspirational sister quote

And now, dear sister, I must leave this house or the retreating army will make me a prisoner in it by filling up the road I am directed to take. – Dolley Madison

share if your sister is a blessing to you i love my sister
share if your sister is a blessing to you i love my sister

For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands. – Christina Rossetti

lovely sister quotes
lovely sister quotes

My sister was drowning in the ocean once, and my brother and I dove in and saved her. True story. She owes us her life. It’s great leverage; we abuse it all the time! – Matt Barr

life is boring without sister
life is boring without sister

I tell my boys not to play rough with their younger sister. I try to teach them what I know already: You’re never going to win an argument with a girl, so just let her have what she wants! – Steve Harvey

lovely sister quote

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. – Margaret Mead

sister saying
sister saying

I was the one who taught my sister and my niece how to walk in high heels. – John Barrowman

You need a strong family because at the end, they will love you and support you unconditionally. Luckily, I have my dad, mom and sister. – Esha Gupta

Sister quotes and sayings

If you have a brother or sister, tell them you love them every day – that’s the most beautiful thing. I told my sister how much I loved her every day. That’s the only reason I’m OK right now. – Amaury Nolasco

Until blacks and whites see each other as brother and sister, we will not have parity. It’s very clear. – Maya Angelou

Share if you think your sister is the best
Share if you think your sister is the best

Your parents are the parents you know best. Your brother and sister, if you have them, are the brother and sister you know best. They may not be the ones you like the best. They may not be the most interesting, but they are the closest and probably the clearest to you. – James Salter

Dear sister always remember,

If I tried to shout over my older brother, my mother told me keep quiet. If I tried to shout over my little sister, my father told me to shut up. I found the best way to be heard was to lower my voice and actually speak when I had something to say. – Peter Welch

I think that every therapist that I know, including my dad and my sister, have their own issues. But that empathy is what makes them good at their job. – Laura Benanti

dear sister
dear sister

I have a wonderful shelter, which is my family. I have a wonderful relationship with my brother and sister; this makes me feel that I know always where I belong. – Jose Carreras

hey sister
hey sister

A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite. – Elizabeth Fishel

I always like to win. But I’m the big sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don’t have anything. It’s hard. I love her too much. That’s what counts. – Venus Williams

dear sister i don't know how to thank you but i'm lucky to have you in my life.
dear sister i don’t know how to thank you but i’m lucky to have you in my life.

I am what I am thanks to my mother, my father, my brother, my sister… because they have given me everything. The education I have is thanks to them. – Ronaldinho

I have a feeling that I make a very good friend, and I’m a good mother, and a good sister, and a good citizen. I am involved in life itself – all of it. And I have a lot of energy and a lot of nerve. – Maya Angelou

A sister is

There’s nobody in the world that knows me better than my sister. – Tia Mowry

My family is everything. I am what I am thanks to my mother, my father, my brother, my sister. because they have given me everything. The education I have is thanks to them. – Ronaldinho

Best Sister Quotes

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