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Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers

Steven Spielberg Quotes

“There is a fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility.” – Steven Spielberg

“Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers.” – Steven Spielberg

“I like the smell of film. I just like knowing there’s film going through the camera.” – Steven Spielberg

“She wanted to go over and hug his tears away, but she was too frightened.” – Steven Spielberg

“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it!” – Steven Spielberg

“I don’t dream at night, I dream at day, I dream all day; I’m dreaming for living.” – Steven Spielberg

“When I felt like an outsider, movies made me feel inside my own skill set.” – Steven Spielberg

“The love we do not show here on Earth is the only thing that hurts us in the after-life. ” – Steven Spielberg

“If the world ran the way a crew runs a set, we’d have a better, more progressive world.” – Steven Spielberg

“Wherever you are, I will find you and I will bring you home” – Steven Spielberg

“You know, I don’t really do that much looking inside me when I’m working on a project. Whatever I am becomes what that film is. But I change; you change.” – Steven Spielberg

“The best time of my life has been the three instances where I have been there for the birth of my children. That is, nothing [else] has ever come close.” – Steven Spielberg

“People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.” – Steven Spielberg

“The work that I’m proudest of is the work that I’m most afraid of.” – Steven Spielberg

“For one thing, I don’t think that anybody in any war thinks of themselves as a hero.” – Steven Spielberg

“All good ideas start out as bad ideas, that’s why it takes so long.” – Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg Quotes

“I just had a crazy, wild imagination all my life, and science fiction is the greatest outlet for me.” – Steven Spielberg

“All through my career I’ve done what I can to discover new talent and give them a start.” – Steven Spielberg

“When I don’t have a story to tell, I’m a terror to live with.” – Steven Spielberg

‘I always like to think of the audience when I am directing. Because I am the audience.” – Steven Spielberg

“Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about.” – Steven Spielberg

“Am I allowed to say I really wanted this? This is fantastic.” – Steven Spielberg

“I feel I’m all over my movies. I know my movies are all over me.” – Steven Spielberg

“I’m not really interested in making money. That’s always come as the result of success, but it’s not been my goal.” – Steven Spielberg

“My head’s not in the clouds, but I think I’ve gotten too much credit for being an astute businessman.” – Steven Spielberg

“I can’t describe it, what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. This means something. This is important.” – Steven Spielberg

“I’ve always been interested in how we survive and how resourceful we are as Americans.” – Steven Spielberg

“I felt like an alien. I always felt like I never belonged to any group that I wanted to belong to.” – Steven Spielberg

“When I grow up, I still want to be a director.” – Steven Spielberg

“When I don’t have a movie, I don’t take a job just for the sake of working. I just sit it out until I find something I’m passionate about.” – Steven Spielberg

“Casting sometimes is fate and destiny more than skill and talent, from a director’s point of view.” – Steven Spielberg

“Even though I get older, what I do never gets old, and that’s what I think keeps me hungry.” – Steven Spielberg

“The only thing that gets me back to directing is good scripts.” – Steven Spielberg



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