20 Greatest Wrong Decision Quotes

Decisions we usually taken when we certainly want to do anything but sometimes in emotions unconsciously we take wrong decision and that wrong decision can create a prickling in life so to contort you from wrong decisions we have fantastic collection of wrong decision quotes. Consequences of wrong decisions has great impact on life as we are used to take decisions almost every time and if once you have taken any wrong decision than will be a guilt inside you for whole life so these thoughts provoking quotes will emphasize you that think once before taking any decision as decisions effect life.

Wrong decisions are like risk as wrong decision have more chances of trouble and sometimes these decisions can create misunderstanding between the closest ones. We usually took wrong decisions when we are in emotions because in emotions our eyes are not able to see results of wrong decisions this grim reality is from one of main causes behind the chaos of life.

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

Wrong Decision Quotes

“There are no wrong decisions – only different ones.” – Libba Bray

“I’m not religious, I’m not romantic and I live purely by logic. I make every decision by logic and sometimes that leads me to the right and sometimes to the wrong decision.” – Laura Marling

“The only way to make the right decision is to find out which is the wrong decision, to examine that other path without fear, and only then decide.” – Paulo Coelho

“A decision made from fear is always the wrong decision.” – Tony Robbins

“A wrong decision isn’t forever; it can always be reversed. The losses from a delayed decision are forever; they can never be retrieved.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

“The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.” – Maimonides

“Be decisive. A wrong decision is generally less disastrous than indecision.” – Bernhard Langer

“I know a lot of people didn’t understand why I came back, and people are still going to say it was stupid and it was the wrong decision. But I’m happy.” – Cobi Jones

“What is the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you gain experience? Wrong decisions.” – Abdul Kalam

“The right decision is the wrong decision if it’s made too late.” – Lee Iacocca

Wrong Decision Quotes

“Even a good decision if made for the wrong reasons can be a wrong decision.” – Jonathan Pryce

“Often any decision, even the wrong decision, is better than no decision.” – Ben Horowitz

“Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you’re making it for a good reason.” – Adele

“Do something today you’ve been afraid to do. A decision based on fear is the wrong decision.” – Nathan Fillion

“If I make a wrong decision, I worry what might have been. I stress out over very insignificant things.” – Courtney Barnett

“The best decision is the right decision. The next best decision is the wrong decision. The worst decision is no decision.” – Scott McNealy

“I am very indecisive. I’m always afraid of making the wrong decision.” – Katie Leung

“Any wrong decision you have ever made will become unimportant when your attention has shifted from it to a creative reason for living right here and now.” – Raymond Charles Barker

“Making a wrong decision is understandable. Refusing to search continually for learning is not.” – Phil Crosby

“Goals happen to be restricted to me. Goals can cause me to maybe miss out or make a wrong decision on an opportunity that pops up.” – Rush Limbaugh

Hopefully you will like these wrong decision quotes and think at least once before taking any decision and please don’t forget to share these beautiful quotes.


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